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Resourcing & Empowering the Church for Kingdom Purpose

Gateway International is a network of ministries and individuals dedicated to bringing to the world the message of Kingdom Identity from Heaven's perspective. Jesus' prayer for us coming into our full inheritance as the Sons of God is at the heart of everything we do. Learn more by clicking below.

John and Ruth Filler are Executive Overseers and founders of Gateway International. They have been in active ministry over 40 years ranging from from worship ministry, youth pastors, senior pastors of a local church to founders and overseers of apostolic ministry and business networks with global awareness and involvement. In these past 4 decades they have been a part of, as well as, eye witnesses to huge paradigm shifts that are occurring in the Church. John and Ruth believe that Papa is moving His people from a pastor-centered model of leadership to an apostolic team-centered leadership which is mobile and flexible.

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Gateway International has multiple ways that you can Partner with us. Our offerings allow for organizations to become affiliates with different levels of involvement, but we also cater to individuals who want to join in as partners whether you are a leader in ministry or a dedicated lover of Jesus looking to grow.

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